Our Response to Covid-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect daily life, the Saunders Real Estate Companies stay focused on the wellbeing of our building communities. We place high priority  on helping our tenants and clients operate their businesses safely and productively.

When the outbreak began, we implemented important and tangible measures to help control its spread and protect our buildings.  We continue to work closely with our cleaning professionals and security teams and we regularly update ourselves   on CDC and other federal, state and local guidances.  We’ve taken steps including including mask requirements and recommendations; social distancing requirements and recommendations;  walk flow in common areas; frequent cleaning and sanitization of common areas and high touch points, and making referrals for custom cleaning services in individual suites and offices.  We invite you to learn how the Saunders Real Estate Companies can help you protect your team and keep your business on track during this unprecedented time.

→ Certified, Custom Cleaning

Our cleaning professionals include Global Biohazard Advisory Council (GBAC) certified technicians who professionally disinfect our spaces using EPA approved disinfectants.    We have ramped up our cleaning protocols  to include frequent disinfecting of common areas and frequent cleaning and sanitization of high touchpoints.

Do you need specialized cleaning or sanitization based on your office layout or individual needs? Custom cleaning options are available for all suites and offices.

→ Common Area Safety

We require all tenants, clients and guests wear masks in our common areas. We have taken care to provide walk flow signage and requirements in our lobby and entrance areas and our 24/7 security team is ready to help implement these requirements as needed. In addition, hand sanitizer stations have been installed in our lobby areas for the benefit of our tenants, clients and guests.

→ Office Space for the New Normal

It is normal to have concerns about the spread of Covid-19 as well as other air-borne viruses. Not only do we deploy the stepped-up cleaning, disinfecting and safety regimes described above, our 20 Park Plaza offices have individual HVAC air filtration units as well  large windows that can be opened for fresh air circulation. In addition, our spaces can accommodate a wide variety of layouts appropriate for these times, including private offices, large cube areas, and video conferencing “Zoom” rooms that have plenty of space to socially distance. As you set up your offices, we’ll work with our architectural and contracting firms to provide you with new layout options that are perfect for your team’s needs.

→ Flexible Options

We offer flexible spaces across our portfolio of properties in Boston and greater New England. As many businesses are reevaluating what size and type of offices they need, we are happy to provide upsizing, downsizing or new layout options to our tenants. We work with you on a personal basis to make sure your offices are perfect for you.


Our companies have been family-owned for more than 120 years.  During that time we’ve weathered many storms, adapting to meet an ever-changing world while holding firm to our values and traditions.  We’re ready to help your company get back to work and head into the future with confidence.

OUR PROPERTIES are located in outstanding, walking neighborhoods that are full of attractive sights, open-air living and top amenities. Contact us any time to learn how we can get your team working and thriving in the right suite, right layout, and right location for you.

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